OpenPDM Collaborate

The PLM System Collaboration Framework

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Do you share PLM data with external partners?

OpenPDM Collaborate enables you to make data available to external partners via collaboration method of choice.

  • Automatic extraction of PLM and CAD structures as well as metadata from backend systems
  • Generation of partner-specific data formats (PLM XML, STEP, JT, 3D PDF, etc.) and structures
  • Automatic and partially automatic PLM to PLM provision
  • Import prognosis for PLM and CAD stuctures
  • Delta synchronization of PLM data
  • Efficient setup and termination of partner connections

Speak to our collaboration experts for more information regarding your project.

Key Performance Features

  • Selective data transfer
  • No seperate management of data
  • Transaction security
  • Process automation
  • End-to-end logging
  • Delta data synchronization
  • Individual data formats
  • Support of standards
  • Can be adapted to enterprise processes
  • COTS – ongoing software maintenance


  • Fast on- and off-boarding
  • Optimum know-how protection
  • Robust operation
  • No pre- or post-processing
  • Transparency and tracability
  • Efficient data processing
  • High level of flexibility
  • High level of compatibility
  • Seamless partner integration
  • High level of investment protection

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OpenPDM is the leading product for PLM system integration worldwide. With its proven, out-of-the-box components, OpenPDM provides you with the unique opportunity to launch your project quickly and ensure a high standard of quality and reliability.


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