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​The PROSTEP and PTC longstanding ​partnership has evolved to ​provide integration enabling digital product information to be linked with operating data of the real product. This can all be seen converging on the ThingWorx platform.  With support for the ThingWorx Orchestration Integration framework, PROSTEP OpenPDM solution is the basis for all integration solutions.

The software offers basic data mapping and workflow definition functions that can be used to manage the entire process involved in data synchronization between connected systems. Watch below to see how to integrate ThingWorx ​with ​SIEMENS, Dassault, and SAP.

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Reduce the time, effort, and skill by integrating your PLM and automating data flow

  • ​Connectors to various PLM systems based on PROSTEP OpenPDM Technology
  • ​Orchestrate data flows including multiple data sources
  • ​Deploy on-premise on use in cloud
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    ​Integrate product data across corporate borders
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    ​Multi-vendor system integration
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    Easily create and modify data flows visually without programming

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"We are proud that we were one of the first PTC partners to have the opportunity to test the new integration framework," said Peter Pfalzgraf, head of the Products business unit at PROSTEP. "The presentation of the demonstrator underscores our expertise in the field of PLM integration and also enables us position ourselves as a competent integration partner when it comes to IoT."

Peter Pfalzgraf

​Head of the Products Business Unit, PROSTEP AG

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