Convert Native CAD Files into Data-Rich 3D PDFs

Accurately convert 3D data from the latest versions of CATIA®, Pro/E, SOLIDWORKS,Inventor®, and all other major CAD applications to 3D PDF directly inside Adobe Acrobat.

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What is Tetra4D Converter?

Tetra4D Converter converts your 3D CAD data to 3D PDF allowing you to acurately share 3D PDF documents throughout your entire enterprise and supply chain using the free and ubiquitous Acrobat® Reader®.

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Key Capabilities

  • Convert native 3D CAD files into interactive 3D PDFs
  • Supports assembly structure, precise geometry (B-Rep), Product Manufacturing Information (PMI), and CAD attributes
  • Translate CAD data to neutral formats (STEP, JT, etc.)
  • Leverages all Adobe Acrobat features
  • Embed native and neutral format CAD files into the document
  • Provides compression capabilities
  • Includes Tetra4D Reviewer
  • Provide interactive BOMs or parts list order forms
  • Efficient and Affordable

Use Cases

Hover mouse or click to preview.

Download Sample 3D PDFs

To sample 3D PDF interactivity you must follow the following:

Required: FREE Adobe Reader to view files. Download HERE

1. Click download link below image and SAVE to desktop.

PREVIEWING file in browser WILL NOT display 3D PDF interactivity

2. Open the file using Adobe Reader

3. Preview 3D PDF Interactivity within 3D PDF

Machine BOM – DOWNLOAD and Open in Adobe Reader

Technical Data Package – DOWNLOAD and Open in Adobe Reader

Engineering Spec Sheet – DOWNLOAD and Open in Adobe Reader

Turbine Engine – DOWNLOAD and Open in Adobe Reader

What Solution is Best for Your Company?

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All Major CAD formats supported

PROSTEP Tetra4D Solution Summary

Client Tools

Automation Tools

Tetra 4D Converter

Tetra4D Enrich


Tetra4D Automate

PROSTEP PDF Generator 3D


Acrobat XI or DC

Acrobat XI or DC

Acrobat XI or DC and Tetra4D Converter/Existing 3D PDF

Existing Enrich Template or Tetra4D Enrich and Acrobat

None – Everything is Included

License Base

Node Locked

Node Locked

Node Locked

1 CPU only

SERVER BASED – Built on Adobe Live Cycle/AEM Forms





Yes – Replace 3D content in an already created Tetra4D Enrich Template

Yes – Dynamic Form Creation, Conversion, Complex Workflow

CAD Conversion to 3D PDF (eg PRC)

Yes – Includes all supported CAD formats

Yes – Includes Tetra4D Converter

No – Requires Tetra4D Converter or already converted 3D PDF

Yes – One CAD format included in base price. Multiple CAD formats optional/extra.

Yes – Multiple CAD formats optional/extra

CAD Conversion/Export (eg STEP)






OOTB PLM/ERP Integration




No – Can be easily scripted with XML output from PLM/ERP

Yes – Requires Optional PLM/ERP Connector for deep integration capability

User Interface




Command Line

Watch Folder

GUI, Command Line, Watch Folder, Web Service, PLM Workflow


Limited by User PC

Limited by User PC

Limited by User PC

1 CPU, 1 Thread




Typical Use Case

Single User

Single User

Single User


Batch Jobs

Occasional Needs

Part of externally triggered workflow


Batch Jobs

High Demand

Workflow Engine Included

Key Focus Ares

MultiCAD Viewing Conversion of CAD to 3D PDF

Advanced PDFs with Easy Creation of:

  • Interactive BOM lists
  • VIew Carousels
  • Buttons and Action Triggers

Advanced PDFs with Easy Creation of:

  • 3D Animations
  • Re-Color Geometry
  • Step-by-Step Instructions

Batch Creation of 3D PDF documents authored with Tetra4D Enrich Templates

  • Light Integration with PLM/ERP via XML
  • Simple Deployment

Adobe Certified Batch Creation of 3D PDF documents and templates

  • Deep integration wth PLM/ERP
  • Bi-Directional Workflow
  • Geometry/Attribute/PMI/Compare
  • Optional DRM/Security

PROSTEP & Tetra4D Solution Summary

Download the data sheet above


Compare PROSTEP 3D PDF Products – All Major CAD formats supported

As we learned more about 3D PDF, it was clear to us that implementing a fully integrated 3D PDF solution would create more efficiency for us and our customers.”

David EwingManager of Automation and Process Development, BE Aerospace

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Server and Client Collaboration Tools with 3DPDF

Convert. Visualize. Collaborate.

Tetra4D Converter is the world’s leading solution for converting native 3D CAD data into rich, interactive 3D PDF documents with full support for accurate BREP geometry and PMI. Download the product guide to see all file formats supported.


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