Download the following automotive success, aerospace success, and shipbuilding success stories with PLM Integrations, Secure Data Exchange Solutions, and 3D PDF Technology Collaboration Solutions which finished their project from PROSTEP.

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​The Digital Twin Does Not Come Alone​ 

​Are the digital twin and the results of digital prototyping initiatives the same thing? Is “3D master” just another name for the digital twin? And by the way: What role do investments in a company’s own PLM structure play? We are, after all, talking about figures in the tens of millions. Good questions and even better answers from MARTIN STRIETZEL from PROSTEP AG (Darmstadt).

​​...the digital twin lives in a PLM infrastructure as a data model. The PLM infrastructure needs to be further developed in order to meet the needs of a digital twin"

​Martin Strietzel, Head of Business Units

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​Communication and Collaboration in the Context of Smart Engineering

The white paper entitled “Smart Engineering:
The Impact of Industry 4.0 on PLM” published by PROSTEP AG (Darmstadt) and presented here in a modified version takes a look at the impact that Industry 4.0 will have on future engineering and PLM processes and draws conclusions as to the further development of PLM.

​Unambiguous Identification of Components from 3D Printers

PROSTEP AG presented together with consortium partners a demonstrator for the Secure Additive Manufacturing Platform (SAMPL), which makes it possible to print any type of component in a secure and traceable manner.

TK Holdings - Path to Expanding 3D PDF Use

​TK Holdings challenge to share CAD data between different domains are solved through 3D PDF collaboration solutions from PROSTEP. Read how TK Holdings leveraged 3D PDF files embedded with CAD data to make it accessible to virtually anyone with Adobe Reader.

Cleaning Up the PLM Infrastructure

PROSTEP experts provide a new PLM strategy and modernize the IT infrastructure of a leading company with more than 11,300 workforce employees across 60 countries.

A Guarantee for Secure Data Exchange in China

PROSTEP experts assist a global joint venture company with a worldwide data exchange solution, OpenDXM GlobalX, to connect over 300 exchange partners.

Cleaning Up the PLM Infrastructure

PROSTEP experts provide a new PLM strategy and modernize the IT infrastructure of a leading company with more than 11,300 workforce employees across 60 countries.

Planning and Documenting the Assembly Process in 3D

The 3D PDF Technology from PROSTEP allows information from CAD/PLM and ERP systems to be made available for the assembly documentation in PDF format.

In Command of CAD Data

Meyer Werft, a shipbuilding company with over 200 years experience, utilizes PROSTEP's web-based data exchange platform OpenDXM GlobalX, to make the exchange of CAD data with partners easier and more secure.

Clean Data Provides the Drive

The complex and changing landscape of PLM places increasing demands on the flow of data information. GKN Driveline, a leading manufacturer of drive trains, uses PROSTEP's OpenPDM platform to enable easy and seamless CAD data integration between its joint venture companies in China.

The Changing World of Sensors

Automotive suppliers often develop their products using the same CAD systems that their clients use. Sensor manufacturer Sensata Technologies spares itself having to maintain dozens of different CAD systems by having 3D models and 2D drawings converted by PROSTEP.

Product Data Deserves Greater Protection

The definitive value of a company can be found in its data. The data embodies the intellectual property of a company and gives them competitive advantage. As companies collaborate on a global scale, the protection of a company's intellectual property/data is a serious challenge.

Secure Communication

Data breaches occuring daily on a global scale have shown us that companies aren't doing enough to securely handle confidential information. Email encryption alone is not enough to protect our know-how - we need protection mechanisms integrated in the email programs themselves.

Data Exchange - Better Safe than Sorry

As the Mahle Group, one of the world's largest suppliers to the automotive and engine industry, expands its development in China and a number of other countries, collaboration between other partners, subcontractors, and OEMs require a secure data exchange process from PROSTEP, OpenDXM GlobalX.

Data Exchange on the Fast Track

Automotive manufacturer Porsche utilizes the web-based data exchange platform from PROSTEP, OpenDXM GlobalX to exchange large volumes of data with its suppliers quickly, reliably, and securely. All departments including production, sales, and partners benefit.

OpenDXM Manages Data Exchange at Miele

For almost 15 years, Miele, a leading manufacturer, uses OpenDXM software from PROSTEP to provide global suppliers with CAD data in the right formats faster with the ability to log these exchange processes.

Expert Partner for CAD-PDM Migration

Challenges pile as a company looks to switch to a new CAD/PDM system. With PROSTEP, Ebm-papst, manufacturer of motors and fans, imported their CAD and PDM data in the Windchill PDMLink system from PTC allowing for a successful migration.

PLM - A Way Out of the Crisis

As a chance to improve competitiveness, IT experts in the shipbuilding industry look to data integration and data communication to enhance and optimize their infrastructure.

Efficient Use of 3D Data

This whitepaper highlights the breadth of 3D PDF technology, its use in collaborative environments, and its potential benefits for enterprises and their supply chains.

Quantity is Quality When It Comes to Data Exchange

The secure exchange of sensitive data over the web has been solved from encryption and Digital Rights Management (DRM). Now, the challenge lies in exchange bulk amounts of data quickly and reliably between exchange partners. PROSTEP solves this challenge by providing web-based data exchange portal OpenDXM GlobalX.

Insufficient Communication in Shipbuilding

The shipbuilding industry is characterized by extremely short development and production cycles. The massive implementation involves as many as 200 suppliers. Thus, communication and data exchange become a significant obstacle which PROSTEP provides the solution for process automation.

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