PROSTEP in Automotive

Automotive PLM Solutions

Suppliers and vendors collaborate and exchange enormous amounts of data. As innovations arise and complexities between the growing systems increase,, the challenges become bigger and more complicated.

Engineering data must be delivered to the right people, at the right time, in the right format, and with the right level of quality. Additionally, this must be done on a global scale across system borders leading to increased risk and costs for your company.

PROSTEP provides automotive suppliers with a number of options for automating and optimizing their processes, allowing you to lower your company costs and increase your competitive advantage.

PROSTEP Products

  • Highly Secure High Speed Data Exchange between suppliers, vendors, and manufacturers via OpenDXM GlobalX
  • Automotive PLM Integration and Migration with OpenPDM
  • Automotive Data Conversion with
  • Intelligent Document Creation with 3D PDF Technologies
  • Automotive PLM Consulting Services relating to supplier-manufacturer integration, long-term archiving (LTA), and all processes involved in PLM
  • Solution experts in Automotive PDM system introduction
  • Automotive PDM Service relating to knowledge-based engineering (KBE)
  • Automotive process chain optimization
  • Provide expert Automotive PDM solution in requirements gathering engineering, variant management, functional safety and reliability, and product data documentation

Our Customers

Success Story

The complex and changing landscape of PLM places increasing demands on the flow of data information. GKN Driveline, a leading manufacturer of drive trains, uses PROSTEP's OpenPDM platform to enable easy and seamless CAD data integration between its joint venture companies in China.

To cope with the complexity of the products and processes, we need high performance product data management..."

Steve Minter
Director of Global Engineering IT, GKN Driveline

Success Story

In today's marketplace, a large volume of data is exchanged between colleagues in Production, Sales, Development, and other departments. But what happens when that information doesn't get passed on quickly and securely? PROSTEP solutions ensure your information is passed on quickly and securely.

Sending 37 GB of data in seconds 

Automotive manufacturer Porsche leverages web-based data exchange platform OpenDXM GlobalX from PROSTEP. The expanding range of Porsche's models has meant a growth in the number of external development partners and suppliers. Because of this, a massive amount of product data including CAD models, electrical and electronic data, simulation data for crash tests, flow analyses and other documents needed for development and production must be exchanged.

See it in action below.

Features of OpenDXM GlobalX:

  • Automated Data Transfer
  • Integrated System Monitoring
  • Integration with Outlook, CAD, PLM, OFTP
  • Data Encryption and Encrypted Transfer
  • Parallel Transfer via Multiple Channels
  • Transfer Manager
  • Integration in the IT Infrastructure