A Complete and Secure Managed-File-Transfer (MFT) Solution

OpenDXM GlobalX provides you with high quality secure data exchange, fast and robust transmission of data, transparency through the logging of data exchange operations and numerous versatile user interfaces:

PDM Integrations, Robot/GateWay/OFTP, iOS App, Web Browser, Outlook Intgration, Windows Explorer, Windows "send to"

What is OpenDXM GlobalX?

Secure data exchange for all B2B processes in all divisions

Managed File Transfer

OpenDXM GlobalX provides a Managed-File-Transfer (MFT) solution for all types and sizes of documents in all divisions.

Data Security

OpenDXM GlobalX delivers all-over data security, real end-to-end encryption with enforcement of corporate compliance.

Integrated Process Engine

OpenDXM GlobalX integrated process engine with fully automated file processing application to application (A2A).

Watch How it Works

OpenDXM GlobalX is the PROFESSIONAL and Secure Managed File Transfer for your Enterprise, Departments, Partners, or Suppliers

What Problem Does It Solve?

OpenDXM GlobalX allows you to exchange product data of enourmous file sizes (multiple gigabytes) easily, securely, and reliably.

Versatile User Interfaces

Secure exchange needs to be as close as possible to the end users daily working environment. When users have to leave their default working environments to send secure information, they are less likely to use the approved solution. As a result, PROSTEP has provided several user interfaces where users can conveniently and securely exchange their data.

Convenient and Secure Interfaces

  • PDM/CAD Integrations
  • Automated Services
  • Web Browser
  • Mobile Apps
  • Email Integration
  • OS Integration
  • Windows "send to"
  • Alternate formats (3DPDF, JT, etc.)

See it in action

MS Outlook Integration

Windows Explorer Integration

Success Stories

Data Exchange on the Fast Track with Porsche AG 

A Guarantee for Secure Data Exchange in China

Data Exchange at Mahle - Better Safe than Sorry

The major benefit provided by PROSTEP's data exchange platform is that we now have a uniform solution that we can use not only to exchange data automatically but also to upload and download data manually... That not only makes life easier for us here in the IT department but also for users in the specialist departments, which has a positive impact on the acceptance level. We have an increased the number of licenses within a very short period of time from the original 100 to 300."

Jorg Hartmann
Head of IT PLM, MeyerWerft


With features such as providing maximum security, ease of use, and flexibility, OpenDXM GlobalX is the managed-file-transfer solution allowing you to integrate joint ventures, development partners, and suppliers.


Versatile user interfaces and flexible software


Adjustable levels of security

Data Transfer

High volume, robust, high performance


Process engine for data processing


Robots and Gateways for transfer automation


Back-end system integration


Status notifications for high transparency


Documentation for users ​/ admins


Research, KPI's automated reports


Flexible software and license model

FREE Resource

Secure Data Exchange 

OpenDXM GlobalX Product Guide

OpenDXM is the leading data exchange product worldwide. OpenDXM provides you with support in the form of standard components so that your data exchange processes can be launched with the highest level of excellence in the shortest possible time.

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