Connect product data from any different PLM, PDM, ERP, SAP, or legacy systems

OpenPDM is the world's leading solution for synchronizing and migrating PLM data and processes in a wide variety of application scenarios and domains.  The OpenPDM product family provides connectors enabling the integration, migration, and collaboration of data from the most popular vendors; Smarteam, ENOVIA V6, Windchill, TeamCenter, and more.

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What is OpenPDM?

Whether you're trying to CONNECT, INTEGRATE, MIGRATE, or COLLABORATE your data, PROSTEP has your solution.

Flexible licensing options based on your need:

  • OpenPDM Connect - includes all the functions required to link two PLM systems and automate the synchronization of data.
  • OpenPDM Integrate - allows any number of PLM systems in any department or enterprise discipline to be connected and ensures the problem free synchronization of product data.
  • OpenPDM Migrate - supports the transfer of PLM systems from existing projects to new projects. The data can be migrated in one fell swoop (big bang) or project by project.
  • OpenPDM Collaborate - enables secure data communication when collaborating with partners in joint development projects or joint ventures, e.g. by means of automated standard provision or on-demand availability.

Synchronize and migrate PLM data and processes in a wide variety of application scenarios and domains.

Your System Environment

  • Dassault

PROSTEP and Dassault Systemes (DS) Partership

PROSTEP is a V5 adopter and partner since 2002 and a V6 partner 2011.

In conjuction with the Dassault Systemes product portfolio, we provide:

  • Integration components for integrating the CAD systems CATIA V4, CATIA V5, CATIA V6, / xPDM, and Solid Works and the PDM Systems ENOVIA V4, V5, V6, and Smarteam in the data exchange solution
  • Integration components for integrating PLM systms ENOVIA VPM V4, ENOVIA LCA V5, ENOVIA V6, Smarteam
  • CAD Import/Export Tools for CATIA V4, V5, V6
  • CATIA V5 customizing including CATIA V5 method development
  • Conversion solutions to and from CATIA V5
  • Services covering every aspect of knowledge-based engineering (KBE) as well as solutions relating to intellectual property protection (IPP)
  • CAA V5 application development

Integration Solutions for OpenPDM

  • OpenPDM ENOVIA Smarteam Connector
  • OpenPDM MatrixOne Connector
  • OpenPDM ENOVIA V6 Connector
  • OpenPDM ENOVIA V4 VPM Connector
  • OpenPDM ENOVIA V5 LCA Connector
  • OpenPDM Client CATIA V5 Integration

ENOVIA and CATIA V6 Integration Solutions

  • OpenPDM V6/3DX XPDM SAP Adapter
  • PROSTEP V6/3DX XPDM SimManager Adapter
  • PROSTEP V6/3DX XPDM Teamcenter Adapter
  • PROSTEP V6/3DX Windchill Adapter

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