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PROSTEP PDF Generator 3D for Adobe® LiveCycle®

PROSTEP PDF Generator 3D is a server technology that is fully integrated into the Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite. It is based on Adobe‘s PDF Generator 3D and is the exclusive 3D CAD conversion and PLM component of the LiveCycle ES platform.

Adobe LiveCycle ES a software suite that increases the value of backend systems. Users can process predefined forms together and thus streamline internal processes, manage correspondence, and increase information and document security.

Convert engineering and development data into PDF files

PROSTEP PDF Generator 3D centrally manages the creation, merging, distribution and archiving of engineering product data in a single PDF document that can be shared with anyone using the free Adobe Reader® software. PROSTEP PDF Generator 3D can quickly convert virtually any CAD file into a more secure Adobe PDF file. You can easily connect to leading PLM, ERP and ECM systems to view, manage and archive metadata and CAD files in PDF.

Manage the creation of Adobe PDF files from a central server

PROSTEP PDF Generator 3D makes it easy to incorporate the centralized creation of PDF files in your business applications and processes. Companies can use PDF documents as part of an archiving solution or to safely and more securely share virtually any product information. Flexible deployment options – network-monitored folders, e-mail, web user interfaces and Java™ APIs – easily plug into existing business systems and processes. In addition, PROSTEP PDF Generator 3D helps ensure that all PDF documents generated within a company are optimized for file size, level of detail and security to support established business processes, corporate guidelines and legal requirements.

Keeping everyone synchronized

Enable all authorized users to access critical business information when they need it. All they need is the free Adobe Reader (which is already installed on most PCs) to view and edit product data and other documents without any need for design applications or downloading plug-ins. Adobe PDF files look exactly like the original documents and preserve source file information – including text, layout, forms, 2D drawings, 3D design and PDM metadata – regardless of the software used to create them.

Key Benefits

  • Speed up product development cycles
    • Quickly automate the conversion and integration of complex 3D CAD models, product manufacturing information (PMI), parts lists, large assemblies, metadata from PDM/ERP and other product data into rich, interactive Adobe PDF files.
  • Reduce costs
    • Use engineering information in upstream and downstream processes. Use existing 3D design and related data from existing systems to start creating technical documentation, marketing material and training documents sooner to meet product launch schedules.
  • Improve communication
    • Share product data in PDF files with anyone using the free Adobe Reader, enabling authorized users to view and edit product data and other documents without the need for CAD applications, CAD viewers or clients for PDM/ERP systems.
  • Protect your investments with open file formats
    • Deliver documents in open and standardized formats. Take advantage of open ISO PDF standards such as ISO 32000 (PDF 1.7), PDF/E and PDF/A, the ISO standard for the long-term archiving of your documents.
  • Manage the security of your documents
    • Protect the confidentiality and authenticity of business-critical documents. Control who can access, print, copy, modify, save and extract content from PDF documents with the optional PROSTEP PDF Generator 3D Rights Management module. By using this module, you can also reduce the risk associated with malicious and unintentional data loss.
  • Benefit from numerous additional functions
    • Why not take advantage of the wide variety of functions offered by Adobe Reader instead of buying additional expensive software? The optional PROSTEP PDF Generator 3D Reader Extensions module allows you to activate a number of useful editing functions in Adobe Reader. These allow you – among many other things – to annotate or measure embedded 3D models, for example.

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