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Process Integration

The integration of processes and product data is essential to managing the increasing complexity of product development processes. OpenPDM® is the leading product for PLM system integration worldwide. OpenPDM®, with its proven, out-of-the-box components, provides you with the unique opportunity to launch your project quickly and ensure a high standard of quality and reliability.

OpenPDM® integrates your product data:

  • Across Corporate Borders
    • Enable the easy exchange of product data with customers, partners and suppliers. End-to-end automation improves data quality and decreases the amount of manual work involved. Continue to use established systems while improving communication.
  • With Systems from Different Vendors
    • Integrate PLM systems from all leading vendors and your own proprietary databases. Create an end-to-end PLM process that offers a high standard of data quality, a greater degree of automation and a higher level of user acceptance. Protect your investments and utilize the software best suited to your processes.
  • Between Domains and Disciplines
    • Integrate data from engineering design, electrical, software, simulation, ERP and more. Ensure that the entire product development process is transparent and offers the necessary degree of traceability. Create common views and interdisciplinary consistency for your data.

OpenPDM Connectors

OpenPDM® is the standard PLM integration platform for all internal and external integration tasks. OpenPDM® provides standard connectors to systems in almost every domain and discipline, thus providing the basis for cross-domain and interdisciplinary integration.

OpenPDM® Technology PartnershipsPROSTEP is an independent provider of PLM development solutions. To ensure that we can always provide our customers with the best possible solutions, PROSTEP has long maintained partnerships with all leading PLM system vendors.

These technology partnerships provide the basis for the successful and ongoing development of the OpenPDM® connectors. These partnerships ensure that PROSTEP receives comprehensive support for its development activities and can provide connectors with updates for the latest versions of the respective systems. As a vendor-neutral party, PROSTEP represents your interests rather thanthose of any single system vendor.

OpenPDM® is the optimal solution for:

  • PLM System Integration
    • Synchronize part master data, assembly structures, documents and much more – this reduces the amount of manual work involved, improves data quality and increases process reliability. Background processing ensures a high level of user acceptance. Deep integration at all levels allows for tailored, project-specific process integration.
  • Partner Bridge
    • Automate the exchange of data with partners, customers and suppliers via external portalsor in combination with out-of-the box tools like OpenDXM® GlobalX from PROSTEP. Highly secure data processing with end-to-end encryption. Reliable processes and automatic data quality checks.
  • Cross-Domain Integration
    • Create an infrastructure that allows you to easily cope with the complexity of modern product development. Link data from systems in different domains and ensure the consistent management of processes and workflow. Use product data from different domains and systems to generate reports and provide management information. Minimize the gaps between domains without having a negative impact on day-to-day business.
  • PDM System Migration
    • Use OpenPDM® to migrate PDM data in a controlled manner – all in one shot or in incremental steps. Precise migration of PDM metadata – exactly as defined by your project requirements. Reduce the risk involved in a one-shot migration with the temporary co-existence of the old and new systems. Reduce the complexity of migration by dividing the task up into easy-to-handle smaller steps.
  • Integration of PDM and SDM/CAE
    • Integrate the simulation and engineering domains to achieve automated, end-to-end processes. Track changes and avoid extra work by ensuring that only changed parts and document structures are transferred from the PDM system to the SDM system. Reduce the volume of data to exactly what is needed for the simulation project by filtering configurations and structures down to the SDM-relevant subset.

Important functions of OpenPDM®

OpenPDM® offers a large number of functions that provide a robust, fast and flexible integration platform. All the functions are available as individual components that can be combined as needed to realize complex concepts. This makes it easy to tailor OpenPDM® functionality to meet your specific project requirements.

Functions Provided by the OpenPDM® Connectors

All OpenPDM® connectors support the import and export of metadata and files such as product structures with CAD files, CAE data with computation results, and requirements with the relevant specifications.

One particular strength is the flexible import functions that can be used as needed to control exactly how updates, versioning and the creation of objects is performed. You can also perform a test run and calculate the import result before you start the actual import operation – this gives you the ability to check incoming data and avoid import errors.

OpenPDM® Graphical Mapping

The key task involved in any integration project is data mapping. OpenPDM®’s graphical mapping function visualizes the mapping relationships between the source and the target systems. This reduces the amount of time required for this task and facilitates an intuitive mapping process.

OpenPDM® Federation Layer

The OpenPDM® federation layer controls the fully automated execution of data exchange processes. It supports the transaction- safe, parallel and high-performance processing of extremely large volumes of data. The data exchange processes are started and executed in the background. This relieves users of the need to perform time-consuming routine tasks and thus increases the level of user acceptance.

The Key Advantages of OpenPDM®

There are many ways of connecting two systems – OpenPDM® provides you with a proven, highly reliable solution that can be implemented quickly. All OpenPDM® connectors and functions are available for immediate use as tried-and-tested components. Your project can be launched within a very short time. Even in highly-customized OpenPDM® solutions, over 90% of standard product functionality is used. Only the project-specific business logic is added as customization. This is a major advantage since you reap the benefits of stable, proven and tested product functions.

An OpenPDM®-based solution is far superior to an individually programmed, project-based solution with regard to quality, reliability and performance.

Compared to the direct integrations available for some system combinations, OpenPDM® offers a significantly higher level of flexibility by providing greater functionality and a larger number of supported system combinations.The combination of fully-automated background processes and just a few manually-controlled steps creates an optimal balance between reducing the workload and involving the user.

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