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OpenDXM GlobalX®

Managed File Transfer for Any Department Within the Extended Enterprise

The managed file transfer platform OpenDXM GlobalX allows you to exchange all your data via the Internet easily, securely and reliably. OpenDXM GlobalX is available in a number of different variants, all of which offer you an essential advantage: full control of your data at all times.

All of the OpenDXM GlobalX variants allow you to remain independent, regardless of whether you are using the solution on your own server or in a private cloud environment. Your data always resides in encrypted form at a fixed location, and you alone have control over your data.

That is one of the key differences between OpenDXM GlobalX and many other solutions available on the market. If the following criteria are important to your company when it comes to exchanging data, then OpenDXM GlobalX is the right solution for you:

  • Data security at all times
  • Full control and transparency
  • Fast and stable transfer of large amounts of data
  • Automation capability
  • Flexibility and openness
  • IT governance support to ensure that compliance requirements are fulfilled
  • Compliance with country-specific data security regulations without security leak
  • A platform for any department within a company, any data format and any application with no data volume restrictions.

Seamless integration in existing business processes and enterprise applications OpenDXM GlobalX can be integrated seamlessly in your existing business processes and enterprise applications, offering functions such as:

  • ADS/LDAP authentication
  • Standardized single sign-on (SSO)
  • Decentralized data storage and distributed processing processes across firewall boundaries.
  • Automated transfer to partners and locations
  • Support of post-processing with integrated process engine
  • System monitoring functions
  • Time-controlled maintenance functions
  • Data backup functions
  • Support for industry-specific transfer protocols such as ENGDAT/OFTP for the automotive industry.

OpenDXM GlobalX® Advantages

OpenDXM GlobalX has been optimized for a variety of enterprise applications and highly-secure data exchange and offers you a number of unique advantages compared to conventional data exchange solutions, including:

Easy operation

  • Regardless of whether users want to use OpenDXM GlobalX to exchange data by means of a Web Browser, iPhone App, Microsoft Outlook or even directly from the user interface of a PLM system, operation is entirely intuitive and requires no special training.

Highest possible level of data security

  • End-to-end data security from the time the data is uploaded through to when it transferred and downloaded by the user. The individual data packages can be encrypted using a key of up to 4096 bit. This means that your data is always protected against unauthorized access and can only be accessed and used by authorized users in possession of a valid key (private key).

Stable and fast – even for large amounts of data

  • The HTTPS-based transfer protocol specially enhanced by PROSTEP uses multi-thread technology (parallel transfer of data via multiple channels) and the transfer of data in blocks to achieve the fast and stable transfer of large amounts of data at a rate two to three times faster than the transfer rate offered by the standard HTTPS protocol.

Exchange of confidential documents and project collaboration in teams

  • The public-private key encryption integrated in OpenDXM GlobalX ensures absolute confidentiality when exchanging data and provides privacy protection for all users. In addition, OpenDXM GlobalX‘s comprehensive rights and role management makes it easy to organize work within the framework of projects and groups, which in turn can be used to control access to the documents.

Process control and transparency

  • The fully automated and transparent documentation of all processes, such as upload/download, copy, move, delete, editing of files, etc., allows users to easily perform searches, reports to be created at the press of a button, compliance requirements to be satisfied, and it supports the auditability of your company.

Flexible licensing models

  • You can acquire OpenDXM GlobalX free of charge for a limited number of users. You can purchase or lease OpenDXM GlobalX for professional use. You decide what to invest and how.

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