SDM Integration

Gain control of the increasing complexity of modern product developement with the integration of the simulation processes.

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Save Money, Increase Data, and Product Quality

Integrate the development process

  • Synchronize your simulation and mechanical design processes. Bi-directional data exchange increases your efficiency and the process quality significantly

Track all changes and avoid duplicated work

  • Be up-to-date by checking for updated data in the PDM system. Re-Mesh the relevant part of the changed geometry only. Prevent recourses and avoid useless product loops.

Decrease complexity

  • Filter CAD structures down to the relevant part of a simulation project, automate the processes and eliminate error-prone manual work that saves time and money


OpenPDM supports a robust, fast, and flexible SDM-PDM Integration:

  • PDM to SDM Data Transfer

Initial transfer from PDM to SDM of parts and assemblies including attributes and associated files (CAD and other)

  • Update of already transferred data
  • "Check for update" functionality out of SDM checks for changes of the PDM data

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