OpenPDM Migrate

The PLM System Migration Framework

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Would you like to REPLACE your PLM system?

OpenPDM Migrate enables you to migrate your existing data either as "Big Bang" or "incrementally".

  • Analysis tools for checking the source data (volume, type, etc.)
  • Flexible structuring of the data to be migrated (project, product, etc.)
  • High level of performance and error tolerance thanks to packing parallelization
  • Transfer of CAD models and structures
  • Bi-directional synchronization for incremental migration
  • Migration from multiple data sources (system and files)
  • Process monitoring using migration cockpit

Speak to our migration experts for more information regarding your project.

Key Performance Features

  • Tried-and-tested procedural model
  • Capable of processing large amounts of data
  • Parallel process handling
  • Data analysis
  • Quality assurance through validation
  • Graphical Monitoring
  • "Soft stop" functions
  • Modularity based on building block principle
  • Framework for non standard systems
  • Optional CAD data conversion
  • Concept for temporary use


  • Manageable data migration
  • Ensures project success
  • High level of performance
  • Calculable project
  • High level of data quality in target system
  • Optimum process monitoring
  • Possibility of intervention at runtime
  • Individualized solutions
  • Anything can be migrated
  • PLM and CAD system switch
  • High level of economic efficiency

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OpenPDM is the leading product for PLM system integration worldwide. With its proven, out-of-the-box components, OpenPDM provides you with the unique opportunity to launch your project quickly and ensure a high standard of quality and reliability.

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