PROSTEP is a leading member in the global IBM PDIF (Product Development Integration Framework) initiative and together with IBM is able to pursue a SOA-based strategy for PLM.

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The goal of this initiative is to integrate all business processes on the basis of WebSphere middleware and the OpenPDM product suite as the solution for end-to-end product management.

IBM is a leading OSLC adopter for Rational products. 
PROSTEP is a leader in integrating PLM and ALM through OSLC.

Available Integration Solutions:

  • OpenPDM WebSphere Process Server Integration

IBM Rational Suite Integration

  • Rational Team Concert Connector
  • Rational DOORS (including V.9 dxl connectors)
  • OSLC Integration for ALM

In conjunction with the IBM product portfolio, we provide:

  • An integration component for integrating WebSphere Process Serer in the PLM system integration Solution
  • OpenPDM Connector to the PLM system integration solution
  • OpenPDM for the change management tool Rational DOORS
  • Synchronization of data, structures, versions, and processes from different data sources

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