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Practice-oriented Workshops on Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology not only provides the basis for financial transactions in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ether but also allows other business transactions to be authenticated. In PROSTEP’s Blockchain workshop, a concrete implementation is used to show those attending how the technology works and the in which it can be deployed effectively. There are a […]

Blockchain Technology is also the Source of New Application Scenarios for PLM

Recently, the specialist media have been constantly repeating the claim that blockchain technology is capable of revolutionizing the Internet as well as every conceivable area of application. This raises the question of what impact this will have on PLM technology. There are indeed many interesting possible applications in the PLM environment, provided that certain serious […]

Secure Additive Manufacturing Using Blockchain Technology with SAMPL Project

Because additive manufacturing processes quickly creates prototypes and spare parts for example, a number of security and copyright issues arise. Companies must take measures to have only authorized users have access to the data, ensure the original data is printed, and prevent pirate copies for being created. A solution prototype was developed within the framework […]

Data Security and Know How Protection

​Introduction ​Our data is constantly exposed to the danger of being intercepted or stolen as it wends its way  over global data networks. Data security measures and measures for protecting intellectual property should not, however, first be implemented when data is exchanged – companies must lay the founda​tion for these measures within their own organization. […]