Smart Engineering Challenges

Smart Engineering is intended to provide support for the development of smart products and services, as well as a networked production setup that includes the associated production systems, over the entire product lifecycle. The objective is an end-to-end digital value chain. What concrete changes can be expected? What opportunities does Smart Engineering offer? The digitization […]

Smart Engineering – The Impact of Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 offers companies considerable opportunities but also presents new challenges. Without smart connected products, there can be no digital factories and also no digital transformation of business process and business models. The development of smart connected products requires the intelligent linking of engineering processes across different companies and across different domains. That is what […]

Why Security Is Paramount in Blockchain and 3D Printing

Additive manufacturing and blockchain technology are commonly described as disruptive technologies.  Nevertheless, these technologies have created new markets, value networks, and have the potential to displace established market leaders. Blockchain technology allows a direct connection between consumers and suppliers using cryptography to keep exchanges secure. The technology provides a decentralized database or ‘digital ledger’ of […]

Secure Additive Manufacturing Using Blockchain Technology with SAMPL Project

Because additive manufacturing processes quickly creates prototypes and spare parts for example, a number of security and copyright issues arise. Companies must take measures to have only authorized users have access to the data, ensure the original data is printed, and prevent pirate copies for being created. A solution prototype was developed within the framework […]