We Cannot Afford to Overlook the Opportunities the IoT Offers an Interview with Dr. Bernd Pätzold, CEO of PROSTEP AG

The Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 are casting doubt on existing business processes and business models. This revolution presents German companies with an opportunity they cannot afford to overlook, says Dr. Bernd Pätzold, CEO of PROSTEP AG, in this interview. Dr. Pätzold, how many intelligently networked devices do have in your household at the […]

The Challenges of PLM Collaboration

​The development of smart, connected products makes cross-company collaboration even more complex.Users from non-engineering departments and partners outside the industry sector involved have to be integrated.Their disparate requirements call for adaptable IT solutions that support cross-company collaborationand guarantee the highest possible level of data security and know-how protection. ​Abstract ​There is cross-company collaboration – and […]