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Integrate the Future​​​ 

PROSTEP provides leading end-to-end PLM solutions across all domains and processes in the product lifecycle which includes partners, suppliers, and customers.  PROSTEP are the PLM experts in designing your PLM architecture and​ system selection. 

Our consulting and solution portfolio consists of PLM implementation strategy, PLM concepts and solution architecture, and the implementation of IT and process.  

PROSTEP provides benchmark and ROI-analysis, PLM landscape and complexity management, product structure and variant management.  In addition, PROSTEP is poised for digital transformation  providing PLM for IoT / Industry 4.0 Solutions helping you achieve a Digital Master / Digital Twin and Model Based Enterprise through 3D Master / Systems Engineering.  Our fully encompassing solutions leverage cross-company PLM - PLM for merger and aquisitions, joint ventures, partner and supply chain integration.  

Our core solutions for PLM Migration and Integration include PROSTEP's OpenPDM, OpenDXM GlobalX, and 3D PDF Technologies.  Our ​solutions assist in bill of material and change management, technical data packages for paper-less processes, and PLM collaboration through automated PLM data supply, PDM and CAx Data Exchange.

PROSTEP ​Products

PDF Generator 3D

PROSTEP Core Solutions

  • ​PLM Migration
  • ​PLM Integration
  • ​PLM COllaboration
  • ​CAD Data Exchange
  • ​3D VIsualization

PLM Integration

Modular and networked PLM architectures are systematically being replaced by best-in-class solutions that are equipped deal with the dynamic changing environment and process requirements. PROSTEP solution experts provide PLM integrations with the support for cross-linking PLM information residing in different environments like PLM, ALM, ERP, and SDM. As a result, our solutions provide up-to-date PLM data consistent and always available throughout the company.  PROSTEP solutions benefit your systems for the future by leveraging open industry standards such as STEP, JT, and OSLC.

  • ​Concept and implementation of the migration solution from PROSTEP - OpenPDM
  • Concept and rollout of OpenPDM as an integration platform
  • ​PLM process and interface automation
  • Operational control and evaluation of migration on the basis of predefined KPIs

What Do YOU Want to Accomplish?

Connect, migrate, and/or integrate PLM data with other systems.
OpenPDM-PLM Integration - PLM Migration - PLM Collaboration logo

Our vendor neutral connectors simplify systems integration with out-of-the-box components. Easily and securely connect your PLM system to any of your other systems, including PLM, ERP, and CAD systems. With PROSTEP, you'll be able to bridge gaps between partners, customers, and suppliers for easy collaboration.

Securely send large CAD files between my suppliers and vendors.
OpenDXM GlobalX - Secure Data Exchange logo

Protect and encrypt your intellectual property before it leaves your computer using our turnkey web-based portal solution. Integrate it into Outlook, your desktop, and other backend systems like PLM, ERP, and CAD. There is full transparency and auditability for compliance and other standards.

Share product CAD data between suppliers, vendors, and customers.
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PROSTEP’s 3D PDF Technology is available on both client and server platforms. Our translation tools include features such as Digital Rights Management and integration with PLM and ERP, and the server solution is based on Adobe LiveCycle. 3D PDF Pro enhances 3D PDFs with animated illustrations.


Who We Are

Headquarted in Darmstadt, Germany with a US subsidiary located in the hub of the US automotive industry, Birmingham, MI, PROSTEP AG and PROSTEP INC are the leading vendor-independent PLM consultants for the discrete manufacturing industry. With 250+ employees throughout and 20+ years of experience, PROSTEP specializes in PLM consultancy services and engineering solutions.

PROSTEP AG and PROSTEP INC are experts in providing leading global manufacturing companies with the support they require for designing and optimizing their internal and cross-enterprise development processes.

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