Practice-oriented Workshops on Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology not only provides the basis for financial transactions in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ether but also allows other business transactions to be authenticated. In PROSTEP’s Blockchain workshop, a concrete implementation is used to show those attending how the technology works and the in which it can be deployed effectively.

There are a number of interesting applications for blockchain technology in industrial environments. It can be used, for example, to validate the hardware and software configurations for vehicles whose creation involves a number of different suppliers. What makes the technology interesting for this type of application is the possibility of handling interactions between partners – who neither need know nor trust one another – without a trusted intermediary. The interactions are recorded in a blockchain and cannot be manipulated later.

The objective of PROSTEP’s Blockchain workshop is to provide customers with a basic understanding of how blockchains work, to describe the software architecture, network infrastructure and setup of a possible implementation, and to identify a concrete application scenario in their company. The Secure Additive Manufacturing Platform, developed within the framework of the SAMPL project, provides an example of a successful implementation. It is an end-to-end security solution that covers the entire process from creating the digital 3D print data to exchanging the data with 3D print service providers right through to tagging the printed components using blockchain technology.

Using a real-life example, the workshop provides interested parties with a detailed insight into the fundamentals of the technology and its possible applications. They are given reliable criteria for evaluating possible blockchain implementations and their potential benefits. We also raise your employees’ awareness of the topic and together with them select a potential application that promises the greatest possible benefits for your company.

By Martin Holland

Original article by PROSTEP AG