ENGDAT OFTP Edition of OpenDXM GlobalX

PROSTEP presents its OpenDXM GlobalX ENGDAT OFTP Edition, which provides easy entry to the world of secure and fully-automated data exchange with ENGDAT via OFTP1 and OFTP2. The application is very easy to use. All internal users need is a web browser that is supported by OpenDXM GlobalX.

Many European automobile manufacturers and their suppliers still exchange CAD data with ENGDAT via OFTP connections. PROSTEP has developed the functionally somewhat “slimmed-down” OpenDXM GlobalX ENGDAT OFTP Edition to provide them with easy entry to the world of convenient ENGDAT/OFTP data exchange. The core components of the solution are an ENGDAT generator and interpreter for the automatic creation and analysis of ENGDAT packages, as well as an OFTP component for the secure transfer of data using the OFTP 1 or 2 protocol.

A key advantage of the solution is full automation of the data exchange processes, which not only saves time and money but also maximizes security and minimizes the number of errors that occur. Automatic notification by e-mail means that senders can be sure that their data has been sent and that recipients are immediately informed about incoming data so that there are no unnecessary idle times. All data exchange operations are automatically logged and can be traced by the user. This creates transparency and provides security in the event of an audit.

The OpenDXM GlobalX ENGDAT OFTP Edition can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively thanks to a preconfigured installation package. Since it is operated using a browser GUI, no software needs to be installed on the local computers. Extending the license allows the software to be expanded into a data exchange portal at any time and to be connected to backend systems as needed using add-on modules. This offers customers not only scalability but also a high level of protection for their investments.

By Udo Hering

Original Article by PROSTEP AG