Paperless Product Documentation

Eliminating Media Discontinuities in Processes

Does your manufacturing company thoroughly develop its products in 3D and manage its model data in a PLM system? Would you like to use your 3D models together with metadata and PMI (product manufacturing information) throughout processes and gradually eliminate the creation of drawings? Do you want to improve your productivity and save on time and money by eliminating media discontinuities and inconsistencies in your product data and processes? Do you want to make the most of your digital product models while minimizing the effort required to implement paperless processes? Do you want to implement existing guidelines such as VDA 4953-2 or MIL-STD-31000A in order to document and communicate product data in a standardized way within your company as well as with your customers, partners, and suppliers?

Do you want to take a decisive step towards becoming a digital enterprise?

Creating Techincal Data Packages (TDP)

The PROSTEP solution creates a Technical Data Package (TDP) based on a PDF container from a wide range of content, such as 3D CAD data with PMI, structural data and various meta-information from your PLM system, and additional product information.

A special form of this TDP is the PDF container defined within VDA Recommendation 4953-2. This container, which is based on a PDF/A-3-compliant document, contains various attachments, particularly a JT file for 3D representation as well as a STEP AP242 file for metadata.

PDF/E-compliant container files with active 3D PDF content can also be created. The PROSTEP solution can create the PDF container files in keeping with the defined standards from theCAD and PLM systems in a fully automated way.

The PROSTEP solution package is based on the established PROSTEP technologies OpenPDM (for integration into a wide range of PLM systems) and PDF Generator 3D (for the automatedcreation of intelligent (3D) documents based on original Adobe technologies).

Increased Efficiency through Paperless Processes

Implementing paperless business processes eliminates media discontinuities and inconsistencies, helps curtail your processing times, and reduces nonconformity costs.Integrating 3D models, metadata, and production information into a compact data package makes it easier for you to create documentation and uphold compliance regulations.

PDF technology makes your product models universally available, since PDF documents can be viewed in the standard Adobe Reader program without requiring additional software.Using proven PROSTEP solution components in combination with a template for automatically creating (3D) PDF documents minimizes the effort you need to put into installation.

​Download Sample Technical Data Packages from PROSTEP

​You MUST open each file in Adobe Reader (free) or Adobe Acrobat Pro DC to make use of full 3D PDF functionality. More 3D PDF samples from PROSTEP can be found HERE.