3 Methods to Improve Your PLM/CAD Data Migration Strategy

PLM/CAD Data Migration is hard.

However, you can increase your chances of success and ensure a smoother, less expensive process by implementing a sound migration strategy. Whether you plan to transfer legacy data to modern systems or migrate to a new system to adapt to the ever-changing IT landscape, you must strategize accordingly.

“Improper planning leads to a failed migration which can cost you millions of dollars.”
Brian Schouten, Director of Technical Presales , PROSTEP INC

Today’s rapid technological advances make PLM/CAD data migration inevitable. Unfortunately, companies often fail in preparing a complete PLM/CAD data migration strategy the right way for a successful data migration. Planning your strategy effectively with the right team and tools can prevent the loss of millions in productivity and downtime.


How then, can you ensure that your data migration strategy is complete?

According to PROSTEP experts, here are 3 ways to improve your data migration strategy:

1. Understand how your business operates in order to document requirements properly –

As a strategic planning challenge, you’ll have to understand how data is used in your business. How will your data migration strategy affect the users working in the new system? Have your employees been trained to use the new system? Will they be productive day one?

2. Understand how different systems from each of your different vendors operate and store data –

The challenge lies in comprehending the different architecture of different systems to scope and map your technical requirements effectively. Many new implementations of PLM are not fully understood by the primary stakeholders which may drive poor decisions in data modeling and practices.

3. Promote your new system –

You need a public relations campaign focused on the benefits of the new system and how it will help. Understanding the rationale behind the move is key, so be sure to explain the specifics about why you’re moving to the new system. Often when we don’t see buy-in from the company as a whole, the project is doomed to failure.

Joseph Lopez, PLM Solutions Marketing at PROSTEP INC, a leading vendor-independent PLM consulting company for the discrete manufacturing industry. With 250+ employees throughout and 20+ years of experience, PROSTEP specializes in PLM consultancy services, engineering solutions, and expert implementation in providing leading global manufacturing companies with the support they require for designing and optimizing their internal and cross-enterprise development processes.

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