Secure Data Exchange for 15 Years and Beyond

In today’s global automotive landscape, companies from around the world face a variety of challenges when it comes to data exchange. The ever-growing number of partners and suppliers must be able to comply with standards not only in their demographic location but also must be able to comply with standards in differing locations such as the European automotive industry. To add to this complexity, security and compliance requirements to ensure the integrity of engineering design data must be met so transfer can be secure and reliable.
For over 15 years, the Schaeffler Group, manufacturer of rolling element bearings for automotive, aerospace and industrial uses, has been using the world’s leading data exchange platform, OpenDXM from PROSTEP. Their growing business has ushered a multitude of complex problems and requirements to ensure the integrity of engineering data be transferred securely and reliably.
As a result, PROSTEP has proven to implement the managed file transfer solution – OpenDXM GlobalX to offer functions that meet the above requirements. Because of this, the company now has an exchange platform that provides their global sites and partners to be integrated easily and securely.
OpenDXM GlobalX provides a number of data exchange interfaces to make it easy for seamless, secure, and reliable collaboration.

  • PDM/CAD integrations
  • Robot/GateWay/OFTP
  • Outlook Integration
  • Windows Explorer Integration
  • Windows “Send To”
  • Web Browser
  • iOS App Watch Outlook Integration, Explorer, and Windows “Send To” function in action below.
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