PROSTEP Enhances Daimler AG’s Central PDM backbone SMARAGD Architecture

Utilizing more than 15,000 users with data volume over 5 terabytes, SMARAGD is Daimler AG’s central PDM backbone PROSTEP has recently been tasked with furthering functional development along with the development of the new SMARAGD architecture thus making it ready for a future of digitalization and smart engineering.

Moving forward, SMARAGD, a system already excellent at providing support for the development of mechanical components and seen as the data hub for innovation-driven vehicle development, will need to be continually developed in order to provide optimum support for interdisciplinary collaboration.

Daimler AG’s decision entrusts PROSTEP with development of the new SMARAGD architecture as well as optimizing the existing client/server environment. As a result, this has become one of the biggest contracts PLM consulting and software house PROSTEP has been awarded in its history of 25 years.


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