Press Release – OpenPDM now with integration for E-CAD solution from WSCAD

Darmstadt, February 2017 – Digitalization of the process chains in development and manufacturing requires the availability of all the digital product information, not just the mechanical CAD data. This is why PROSTEP, together with WSCAD, has created an interface between WSCAD’s electrical CAD solution and the OpenPDM integration platform. It enables bidirectional synchronization of electrical component data, attribute information, documents and product structures with leading PLM and ERP systems such as Teamcenter from Siemens, SAP PLM/ERP, PTC Windchill and Enovia V6 from Dassault Systèmes. The integration is now available.

The WSCAD SUITE is a modular and scalable solution for the disciplines electrical engineering, cabinet and panel design, piping and instrumentation, fluid power engineering, building automation and electrical installation. By integrating the solution in OpenPDM, WSCAD is underscoring the need to integrate these disciplines more closely in the development and manufacturing processes. “In our view, PLM systems are the central hub where all engineering data should converge,” stresses Dr. Axel Zein, CEO of WSCAD electronic GmbH.

Integration in OpenPDM has the advantage that WSCAD does not have to develop and maintain multiple interfaces to leading PLM and ERP systems. PROSTEP’s integration platform assumes responsibility for this. On the WSCAD SUITE side, all that is required to establish the connection to OpenPDM is the add-on PLMERPsync. Thanks to bidirectional synchronization, changes made to the part data in the WSCAD application are immediately visible in the ERP and PLM systems. The electrical engineers, on the other hand, can immediately see whether changes made to other product data will have repercussions for them.

“The integration of E-CAD applications like WSCAD is an important step on the way to mapping the entire digital product model in PLM,” says Bernd Döbel, a senior manager at PROSTEP AG.

“Without digital masters, there will be no end-to-end digitalization of business processes in the context of Industry 4.0.”

Bernd Döbel, senior manager at PROSTEP AG

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