PROSTEP certified to the ISO 27001 standard for IT security


Darmstadt, December 2016 – Following an extensive examination of information and IT security, the DQS has awarded PROSTEP AG ISO 27001:2013 certification. The Darmstadt-based PLM consulting and software house is thus a member of a select group of just 800 German companies to receive the coveted certification. This certifies that the company complies with the requirements set out in the standard not only in terms of the security of its IT systems but also with regard to how employees handle confidential information. “We are thus showing our customers just how seriously we take the subject of data security and that their data is in good hands,” said Dr. Rainer Bugow, head of technology at PROSTEP, commenting on the certification.

Certification is not a one-off event but an ongoing process. PROSTEP’s Shield Team , which was set up expressly to deal with this topic, has laid the foundations for the long-term safeguarding of information and IT security throughout the company and now has the responsibility of continuously enhancing awareness. As part of the continuous improvement process (CIP), it is intended that a number of measures designed to strengthen IT security be taken over the next few months. In the short and medium term, PROSTEP expects threats from external attacks to increase further and this will have an impact on IT use.

PROSTEP will continue to conduct internal ISO 27001 audits. The next external certification audit is scheduled to take place in September 2017.

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PROSTEP is a leading solution provider and vendor-independent consultant for the international manufacturing industry. Our specialists have in-depth knowledge of the various development domains and are also accustomed to thinking outside the box, thus enabling us to find the ideal solution for you. PROSTEP has longstanding partnerships with global solution providers such as Dassault Systèmes, IBM, PTC, SAP, Siemens PLM and others.

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PROSTEP, Inc. the US subsidiary of the PROSTEP Group is a leading partner for manufacturers and suppliers in the automotive, aerospace, electronics, and other industries. Our strength lies in a combination of experience, process know-how and technical competence. Our worldclass business tools, together with our experienced employees, bring industry best practices that allow you to implement solutions tailored to your specific challenges. Engineering and manufacturing companies benefit from enhanced customer and supply chain collaboration.

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